How did you start your day?

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Chicago weather has been fantastic this weekend.  To kick off my day, I took my two dogs for a two mile walk this morning.  It was great to see so many people out for today’s Bank of America Marathon.  Great motivation for me to continue my routine after I wiped out the dogs.

The first essential requirement for my workout is breakfast, 2 egg whites and a small apple, then I was off to the gym.  Starting with a half hour of cardio with my hip hop music and Black Powder drink in hand to get me focused and determined to attach at a high intensity rhythm.  Once complete, I was off to the weight room to focus on my back and shoulders.

I’ve been in the gym for about 12 years now and more often than not I am fierce.  Actually, my gym friends make fun of me because I work out so intensely and they all think I am going to hurt myself.  Knock on wood that has not happened yet.

My Back Routine: Lat Pull Down, Reverse Flys, Bent Over Row, and Pull ups

My Shoulder Routine:  Shoulder Press, Standing Rope Pull, Bent Over Lateral Raise, and Front Lateral Raise

Typically, I will do 4 sets of 15 with a 30 second active rest.  That means for 30 seconds I will jump rope or perform burpees.  Anything that is an all body activity with limited effort.  The goal is to keep my heart rate up to burn calories.  I certainly would not recommend this for the beginner as I am a seasoned vet at this.

A 1o minute stretch to complete the workout for today.  The time it takes to complete the weight lifting routine is any where from 45 minutes to just over an hour.  To be quite honest, I don’t pay attention to the clock.  I am at the gym to complete my workout, however long that takes.  After the workout I have a protein drink the includes Casein to maintain my muscles and its back home eat and continue on with my day.

Were you motivated today?  If not, maybe I can change your mind!


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