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Try Something New

How many times do you go into the gym performing the same routines over and over again?

I will admit, that I am guilty of this.  I may not notice it all the time, but when I am at a plateau for more than 3 days its time to switch it up.  Your body becomes less responsive when you perform the same exercises at the same weight and the same intensity.  I like to keep my body guessing what I will do next.  I generally switch up my routines about every six weeks to give my muscles something different.

My challenge to you is to switch up your routine.  One great tool to have in your workout bag are resistance bands.  Try substituting bands for machines or weights.  Most exercises you perform with a machine or weights can be duplicated with bands.  Check out this site for some ideas.


Don’t limit it to weight training.  Try adding an extra 15 minutes to your cardio routine.  Better yet, take a spin class or another class that will through your body off the normal routine.

Workout Must Haves

My must haves are: Great Music, Water, Towel, and Heart Rate Monitor

Have a great workout!

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