Break Time?

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Once you complete a set of exercises do you take a break for a minute or two before you hit the next set?  What do you do during your rest period?  Catch your breath, get a drink of water, talking to friends, or still moving?

I personally like to keep moving and drinking my water on the ‘go’.   My friends hate working out with me because we are constantly on the move.  I choose an active rest.   Keeps my heart rate up and always burning calories.

Active rest is performing any exercise as your one-minute break such as jumping rope walking lounges, or running in place.  I will sometimes work my abs during this break.  The point is to keep moving.  Do something that has you operating at 65 – 75 percent of your maximum heart rate.

Maximum Heart Rate: 220-age= MHR

Zone: MHR * 70% = Heart Rate

Get yourself a Heart Rate Monitor!

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