No Magic Potions

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I hope you are well rested from all your New Year’s Eve parties!  Did you define your resolutions for the year?  I know a lot of people who list fitness as one of there goals.  Yes, they are certainly at the gym at the beginning of the year, however they forget to include eating habits that will go along with their fitness goal.  They do work hand in hand.  The simple equation is Calories In – Calories Out = Weight Gain/Loss.  If you watch the television program Biggest Loser, you know it is possible regardless of your current weight.

One thing I noticed on television in the new year are all the infomercials for different types of weight loss programs or gadgets.  There was the new Ab contraption, a Brazilian Butt Lift DVD, and I always laugh at the Shake Weight.  You have to also realize that most of those beautifully fit bodies are models, no doubt.  These individuals have dedicated their lives to being fit.  The key word is dedicated.  To achieve the results you want you must have dedication.  Commit to the plan and stay the course and you will see results.

I like to use this quote and really live by this quote in everything I put my mind too by Zig Ziglar:  Obstacles are the thing we see when we take our eyes off our goals.

Find your motivational quote and live it everyday!

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