Food Temptations

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Surrounding us everyday are those foods that we all love to enjoy so much.  My temptation is Chocolate in any shape or form.  It’s ok to dabble every now and then but if you can’t control yourself just keep on walking.

I use Chocolate as a reward for putting in hard time at the gym and eating right during the week.  I think it’s important to reward yourself for a job well done.  It’s the carrot.  Set a weekly goal, achieve your goal, and reward yourself.  Stick with 1 serving size.  This is not an excuse to over indulge.  You just need enough to satisfy the craving.

If you can’t control yourself with one of your favorite foods reward yourself with something else like a small Starbucks minus the whip cream and opt for soy or fat free milk and syrups.  Whatever the treat, it should be something you rarely get but enjoy.  Better yet, whip up your own healthy treat.  I actually prefer this because you know exactly what goes into the treat.

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