Gym Distractions

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Can someone help me understand why you read magazines while doing cardio or read a book for more than 3 minutes while sitting on a machine someone would like to use?

In my opinion, your focus is on your workout not in People or Us Magazine.  You are unable to challenge yourself looking through a magazine.  By challenging yourself, you must be able to move in and out of intensity and incline at various rates to burn those calories.  You may be incredibly talented if you can sprint on a treadmill at an incline of 15 for 3o seconds.  If you can, this post is not for you.  I am a seasoned gym rat and I can’t read and sprint at the same time.  So ditch the magazine, book, or whatever it is that you read that is distracting you from performance.

When I do my cardio routine, I focus on all the body parts that are being worked and the amount of calories I can burn in 45 minutes and I try to beat my last count.  I mentioned earlier in switching up your routine and this is my focus when I get on a machine.  I may perform 30 minutes on the Elliptical at various levels of intensity and then sprint on the Treadmill for 15.  I do this all without distractions.

The other bug I have, people who occupy a machine, while they are probably resting and pick up your book and start reading longer than you should on a rest.  Then you get an attitude when I ask to use the machine.  You are at a gym not the library or a coffee shop.  There are people who truly want to be there to workout and when you occupy a machine for over 3 min. to rest you need to get off the machine or let someone use it while you continue reading.


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