Shovel That Snow

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If you live in an area that received a ton and I mean a ton of snow, you probably did not make it to the gym today.  Don’t just sit around the house and eat.  Grab your shovel or a neighbors and get outside!

Snow can be heavy so be careful.  You should use the same method of shoveling as you would lifting a heavy package.  Bend at the knees, straight back and push up using your glutes.  You don’t have to have a heavy shovel to use your muscles.  Pick up a moderate amount of snow.  Think about the muscles you are using when you push the shovel into the snow, think about the muscles you are using when you push yourself up from the ground hold the shovel out in front of yourself, and the muscles you use when you have to push the snow off the shovel to go back for more.  It is a full body effort and a fun workout!




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