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What Are Training Zones?

Training zones represents the level of intensity you are trying to achieve through exercising and training.  It is generally represented by a percentage of your maximum heart rate.  The typical formula used by most to calculate the MHR is 220 – age.


  • Zone 1:  50 – 60% of your MHR (Burn Fat):  Warm Up and/or Cool Down zone.  This zone can be achieved by walking at a normal pace.
  • Zone 2: 61 – 70% of your MHR (Burn Fat):  To reach this zone you will need to increase your walking pace.  Your breathing will become heavier.
  • Zone 3:  71 – 80% of your MHR (Aerobic – Burn Fat and Carbs):  This is a zone of endurance.  To reach this zone you will need to be jogging.  You can still communicate, however it will be in short phrases.
  • Zone 4:  81 – 90% of your MHR (Anaerobic – Burn Carbs):  This is another zone for endurance.  To reach this zone you will need to jog faster, maybe even short bursts of running.  It’s best that you focus on your breathing instead of speaking one word at a time.
  • Zone 5: 91+ % of your MHR (Red Zone – Burn Carbs):  Before attempting to hit this zone, you should consult with your physician to make sure your body can physically hit this zone without injury.  To hit this zone you will need to be in an all out sprint.  At most, you should not be in this zone longer than one minute.  I typically stay in this zone for one minute because it is hard for me to catch my breath and for fear of passing out!  Not a pretty site on a treadmill in front of gym goers.

Training in all of these zones helps provide variety in my cardio workouts.  I only operate in Zone 1 for warming up and cooling down.  After my warm up, I perform one minute interval cardio training working between the remaining 4 zones. This applies to all cardio machines at your disposal.

If you feel up to the challenge and have approval from your physician, let the zone training begin.  You will feel great!

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