One Week Down – LuRong Paleo Challenge 2013

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Week 1
I am excited to say that the first week of the challenge was a breeze. Why? Because I was prepared! I even went out for dinner Saturday night to a Mexican Restaurant and they even had a Paleo menu! Here is my daily diary. If anything, I hope that it will inspire you to get moving.

Day 1 (9/16/13)
Weight: 126.5. Very excited to start this challenge. The day started extremely well. Planning is what is going to save me in the next eight weeks. I had lots of energy throughout the day and certainly did not miss the 3 o’clock sugar monster. Now I’ve been following a Paleo lifestyle, about 85%, for a year now. The only difference this time around is that I am measuring out my portions and following Paleo 100%. The perfect opportunity to clean my program up a bit.

Day 2 (9/17/13)
Weight: 125.5. The formula holds true…calories in – calories out = +/- weight. I do find myself always trying to push myself to the limit and it helped that I had a different coach pushing me. My mood was the same as Monday. No real issues with a desire to cheat or the 3 o’clock sugar monster. Had a light workout, which was good because we are doing the first LuRong Paleo Challenge WOD tomorrow.

Day 3 (9/18/13)
Weight: 126. I had a good night sleep. Ready to take on the first WOD which is Wall Balls, Deadlifts and Box Jumps. My meal plan has been the same all week, however today I was so nervous that I couldn’t eat breakfast or my morning snack. This must be the same feeling people have when they compete. GO TIME! I was really proud of myself in the fact that I did 21 Wall Balls unbroken. I could not ask for anything else as it was the first time that ever happened. It was a success. The time limit on the WOD was 18 minutes. I completed it in 14:20. Thanks to my coach pushing me to keep moving.

Day 4 (9/19/13)
Weight: 125.5. Feeling good that one WOD is down in the books. It helps me feel positive and good about the next challenge. More heavy lifting at the box tonight. I am going to try to take it easy for the next WOD, which will probably be tomorrow.

Day 5 (9/20/13)
Weight: 125. Today we are doing WOD 2 and here come the nerves. I missed breakfast and my mid morning snack again, just too nervous. Today the challenge is 100 Burpees and 100 Kettlebell swings. My thought most of the day was what was going to be my strategy to get through it in 12 minutes. I decided to try 5 and 5 and go back and forth at a good pace that would not require breaks. Well, that strategy was not so good, considering that at 6 minutes down I was not at 50 so I knew I was not going to finish. The last two minutes I decided to complete the Kettlebell swings and then go back to working on the Burpees. So my time was 12:39, Kettlebell swings 99; Burpees 62. Before I log in my time I am going to give it another try next week to see if I can beat this time with a different strategy.

Day 6 (9/21/13)
Weight: 124.5. Feeling extremely sore. My brain is telling ‘do not go into the box’ to work on some of my goals and my body says ‘lets go in and do some light work’. So, I went into the box. I attempted to do a few pull-ups, but I could not hold onto the bar. I decided to work on my 400m run. The program I prepared was 4RFT: 400m run + 50 Air Squats. This was just what I needed. Something that did not require the use of my upper body and I was able to work up a sweat.

Sunday is my break day. See you next week!


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