Second Week Down – LuRong Paleo Challenge 2013

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Paleo Challenge – Week 2

Day 1 (9/23/13)

Weight: 125. Still have some soreness in my shoulder from last week.  I think I may have needed another day off from the box.  My mood was good, but I started day dreaming about chocolate.  A bite of a honeycrisp and that dream faded.  Honeycrisps are the best apples ever!  We had to perform a mild WOD today, only 3RFT of 10 Burpees, 30′ walking lunge and 15 pull ups.  The pull ups may have irritated my shoulder.  After that, I decided to row instead of performing 3 max reps of snatches.  Tomorrow is the second WOD so I will mentally prepare for that.

Day 2 (9/24/13)

Weight: 125. My shoulder pain still has not gone away, but it is a mild pain.  I hope that the power cleans in tonight’s challenge does not make it worse.  Excited for this challenge.  Looking at the scores posted today, folks finished in 3 to 4 minutes.  That is a good sign. Not as nervous as the previous WOD’s as my expectation is to finish under 4 minutes.  Now its my turn and here come the nerves, I don’t know why.  So I wait until the last minute to start.  I made the decision to not face the clock because I thought it would be distracting.  It is always the run that kills me, so I finished in 4:14.  Fourteen seconds off my target goal and I wonder if I had faced the clock would the score have been different.  One will never know unless I do it over again.  I still have WOD 2 to do over, but I am not sure I will get the chance to if my shoulder does not get better.  Until the next challenge, I will be able to work on my goals!

Day 3 (9/25/13)

Weight: 125.  My Trapezius are giving me problems this morning.  I think they are more painful because of the effort yesterday on the cleans.  I am trying to stretch it out before I take a trip to the sports medicine guru.  I just know coming up as one of the challenges is going to be snatches of some sort and I want to be ready.  I felt like eating lots of chocolate today, more so than any other day and I am not sure what that is about.  At the box tonight, I did keep it low key by not doing anything prescribed.  I am just a little upset that I am not expelling max effort.  That is and always has been my problem…learning to take a break for a bit until my body heals.  Well, also working out 6 days a week.  Its hard to change this habit.

Day 4 (9/26/13)

Weight: 125.  Another day of rolling out my upper back.  Today seemed to be a bit better.  I still need to take it easy until the soreness goes away.  If the pain is still persistent next week then I will have to get a massage to knock it out.  Other than that, I have been craving chocolate.  I had to visit Walmart and they have the Halloween candy out, that could be why. On the positive side, I live in an area where I do not get trick or treaters…yeah, I don’t have to subject myself to buying candy!

Day 5 (9/27/13)

Weight: 125. Interesting that my weight has held all week.  Due to the soreness of my upper back, I have been gingerly working out as to not do any damage before the next WOD.  Not much to report.  Eating habits have been the same.

Day 6 (9/28/13)

Weight: 124.5. The weight loss must have been from cleaning up the house a bit because I didn’t do much at the box last night.  Went in today to try to work on some of my goals.  Timing was a little slow on the run, but it was a bit chilly out.  It feels like my soreness is going away.  At least I can hold on to the pull up bar.  Sunday is usually my day off but I might just tackle the infamous Incline.  It’s about an hour to walk up and maybe 30 min. or so to jog down.  It is a leg killer!

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