Third Week Down – LuRong Paleo Challenge 2013

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Here is my third week diary of the LuRong Challenge 2013.

Day 16 (9/30/13). Weight 125. Boy I thought for sure I would have dropped a pound or two after walking up the Incline on Sunday. So now all I received was sore buttocks. Well worth the trip up early Sunday morning. The air was crisp and the sun was shinning. I felt one with nature and glad I got out of bed to do it.

So, I still have some pain in my neck now and most of my traps are back to normal. The next WOD is 50 Thrusters and 50 toes to bar at 65 lbs. So I will go in and do my best and leave it at that.

I purchased a pumpkin on a whim. So I guess I am making some breads and muffins that I will give away and maybe freeze some for when I am off of this challenge. Baking is a great distraction for me.

Day 17 (10/1/13) Weight 123.5. Feeling good today. I was plateaued at 125 for quite some time and this morning I broke that. I am pretty sure it was from the 4 200m sprints. My meal this week is truly delicious. Tonight is the night for WOD 4, which is 50 Thrusters and 50 Toes to Bar with a 10 minute time cap. My coach was deployed and I am sure I am going to miss him tonight. This one is for you Sammie!

Day 18 (10/2/13) Weight 124. Feeling so/so today. I feel like eating lots of chocolate to help me feel better. I will just have to put that on hold. So, I didn’t get nervous until I was actually at the gym to look at the board and see how everyone completed today’s WOD of 50 Thrusters and 50 Toes to Bar in 10 minutes. I completed 98 reps, just 2 shy of finishing. So I start to replay the events in my head and how I should not have taken so many breaks. The best thing I can do is try to redo the WOD possibly on Friday to see if I can finish. So, I am really not feeling to happy with my performance. Until tomorrow.

Day 19 (10/3/13) Weight 121.5. This morning I feel very good, lots of energy. It really was a tough workout and I used lots of energy to try to complete the WOD. So I have made up my mind to redo it Friday or Saturday. Something epic happened today….I ripped my hand! That is a first. I have been doing crossfit for 2 years now and I have NEVER ripped my hands before. The warning from folks that have is….it’s gonna burn. Thanks! Six more pounds until I hit my goal, very exciting because I have not seen that number since high school.

Day 20 (10/4/13) Weight 123.5. Today I took the day off from work and decided to make a bunch of pumpkin stuff since I had a pumpkin. Since I am on this challenge, I will not actually be eating any of this. I will be making care packages and sending it to friends and some folks at the box.

I was going to attempt WOD 4 today but decided against that. Yesterday was full of sprints, burpees and pull ups. I thought I would give my upper body a rest. The conditioning today was wall climbs, rope climbs and pistols. Fairly easy and light program.

Day 21 (10/5/13) Weight 123. Went to the box this morning to attempt the 4th WOD of 50/50 Thrusters and Toes to Bar. Once again the kip left me and I was swinging like a monkey. So upsetting because I know how to do this but it just did not happen for me. My time was longer, 10:08 compared to my first try 10:02. The good thing is that even though I did not not finish under 10 minutes, I tried it again because I wanted to improve my score. I wanted it bad enough to try again and that is all I can do. Until the next challenge!

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