Forth Week Down – LuRong Paleo Challenge 2013

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Day 22 (10/7/13) – Weight 123.5. Well…I had awaken this morning with a stiff neck. Same injury, I just need to get a deep tissue massage. I think part of me is still hoping it will just go away overnight. Yesterday the next challenge was released! 10 Power Snatches, 20 Pull-ups, 10 Box Jumps, 40 Kettle Bell Swings, 30 Box Jumps, 20 Pull-ups and 10 Power Snatches. To date my power snatch is 75 lbs. and for this challenge I need to be at 80 lbs. Looks like I am going to achieve a PR in this challenge. I just hope it does not slow me down because these need to be touch and go. I only have 15 minutes to complete.

Day 23 (10/8/13) – Weight 124. I decided to take the day off because I will be performing the WOD 5 tomorrow. I took a look at what was up for tonight at the box and it looks like snatches. In the challenge, we are performing power snatches. There is no reason for me to tire out my shoulders two days in a row. I am fine with the break considering I only take Sundays off.

Day 24 (10/9/13) – Weight 124. Well I was mentally ready for WOD 5 and knew it was going to be a little troublesome performing the snatches at 80lbs. My personal record for all snatches is 75lb. I did not want to perform the challenge at level 2 because I would be working under my capacity and wanted more of a challenge. As much and as hard as I was trying to convince myself that I could power snatch that weight, it worked for the first 10. I was the last one to come off the bar and the second to finish the pull ups, butterfly style. I made up a lot of ground and it was pretty easy flowing through the next phases of the challenge until I had to power snatch again. Success, success, no rep, no rep, no rep, success, no rep, no rep, no rep, timer goes off. 15:07 was the final score. I wasn’t feeling too good after that and had to walk it off. On the positive side, I did beat my personal record on snatches!

Day 25 (10/10/13) – Weight 124. Shoulder is giving me issues. I know I need to find a deep tissue massage therapist to knock it out because it’s only prolonging my performance and goals for the challenge. I debated whether or not to go into the box tonight and of course I did. I figure I can work on my posture performing cleans. The conditioning involved ring dips which irritated my shoulder. That’s about it. Looking forward to taking 1 month in pictures and I will have something to post.

Day 26 (10/11/13) – Weight 124. Feeling lots of energy today minus this pesky cough that will not go away. Looks like a lot of conditioning work tonight. A quiet day for sure. I did find a Groupon deal for a 60 min. deep tissue massage for $25. Finally, I will get this kink out of my neck.

Day 27 (10/12/13) – Weight 124. Well I have no business going to the box this morning. My body has been telling me for weeks now to give it a break and I have not been listening. Definitely paying the price for it today. I put a little icy hot on it and taook a pain pill in the hopes that it would become better later today. That was wishful thinking. I did head to the box and I was going to practice my 400 meter run, but that did not happen. Seems like the pain is getting worse. Well I hear you body…I will be taking some time off until the next WOD is released and when I can get my massage in, hopefully early next week. Sunday, I will be tackling the Incline again.

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