Sixth Week Down – LuRong Paleo Challenge 2013

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Day 36 (10/21/13) Weight 123.5. Felt great this morning minus my shoulder issue.  Tonight we had to perform a bunch of upper body movements and deadlifts that were painful, but I did use a PVC pipe for just about everything.  I was frustrated and decided to leave slightly early from class.

Day 37 (10/22/13) Weight 123.5.  So today I looked at the schedule of what the class is doing and it is the exact same thing we are doing for the WOD Challenge.  I think I will pass on that.  It also looks like the weights are heavier too.  I want to save my shoulder for the real workout, so it is a forced day off.

Day 38 (10/23/13) Weight 123.5.  Today is the big day of the challenge.  It has a time cap of 20 minutes.  The reps are 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13 of Burpees, Front Squat (65lbs), Push Press (65lbs) and Farmer Carry (100m).  The thirteenth round is just Burpee Pull-ups.  I finished in 17:17 and I am happy with my score!

I did get a call in the morning that my waitlist call for my chiropractor had an opening in the morning, so of course I snatched that up.  For the challenge, I was able to do everything required without pain.  That man is a genius I tell, genius.  Now I just have to wait for next week to get my deep tissue massage and I should be back at 100%!

Day 39 (10/24/13) Weight 123.5.  I am surprised that my weight has not moved when I have been putting a lot of effort out at the gym.  I might just have to turn it up!

Day 40 (10/25/13) Weight 123.  Ha, my plan worked!  Worked hard last night trying to get a bar muscle up.  I need the muscle memory to help me get to that point.  Until then it is practice practice practice.  Broke my overhead squat personal record of 65lbs to 90lbs.  I have gotten stronger that is for sure.  If my shoulder was not still sore I’m sure I could have gone higher, but all things will come when they are suppose to.  I am trying to learn patience and not to push.  It will sink in one day 🙂 .

Day 41 (10/26/13) Weight 121.5.  This loss definitely came from the WOD last night. We performed EVA.  It was 5 rounds for time of an 800m run, 30 kettlebell swings and 30 pull-ups.  Lucky for me our drill was for time, 30 minutes.  I finished 3 rounds and 25 pull-ups.

Today, I am listening to my body.  It is a rest day.

Day 42 (10/27/13) Weight 122.5. It is a rest day, no incline. My ankles are sore from the all the running of last week. Slightly hard to walk.


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