Final Week of the LuRong Paleo Challenge

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Day 50 (11/4/13) Weight 121.  This is the last week of the challenge.  I am happy and sad, but I will continue with this eating style even after the challenge is over. Let’s see how this week ends.  Tonight we worked on conditioning.  Three rounds for time of 250 meter row, 200 meter run and 75 Double Unders.

Day 51 (11/5/12) Weight 120.5.  Tonight, I went with a friend to a gym and pulled together my own tabata.  I had a list of things to do and could not or I did not want to eliminate any of the exercises, so I did them all.  Two rounds of 400 meter run, pistols, air squats, pull ups, and deadlifts.

Day 52 (11/6/13) Weight 119.5.  Tonight we are performing WOD 10, which is WOD 3 over again.  We are doing a series of Cleans at 95lbs. and Sprints.  The time to be is 4:14.  So it did not workout as planned.  I warmed up well and worked myself up to the weight so that I was ready.  I finished at 4:23.  I am going to do it over again on Saturday.

Day 53 (11/7/13) Weight 119.  Waking up today was painful.  My left shoulder, neck and collar bone area were extremely sore.  I am not sure what happened but I was in pain.  I went to the store to grab some Tylenol, but for some reason I could not find any.  I made an appointment to see a Sports Medicine Doctor which turned out to be a Family Practice Doctor.  Long story short, she believes that it is a muscle tear.  Now I need an x-ray and MRI.  No Crossfit tonight!

Day 54 (11/8/13) Weight 120.5.  Loaded up on muscle relaxers that just so happened to have fixed that kink in my neck and Tylenol.  My shoulder has more mobility today and is not as painful as the day before.  It is clearly obvious that I can not do any upper body work for quite sometime.  I am not ok with that but it is what it is.  I decided to put together a leg WOD and go into the box tonight.  So I did some 200 meter runs, box jumps because I can always work on those, walking lunges and air squats.

Day 55 (11/9/13) Weight 121.5.  I went into the box tonight to do more leg work.  The tabata today was a 4 rounds of 400 meter run, reverse crunch, back extensions.  As for my shoulder, there are moments when its fine and moments when it is not.

Day 56 (11/10/13) Weight 122.  No CF.  Last day of the challenge.  At some point, I did hit my challenge weight goal and was close to hitting my personal goal.  I will continue on with the eating style and I have no doubt I will hit my personal weight goal.


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