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The Dog Bed
Dog beds look so comfortable and fluffy. I decided to purchase one for my old girl Truper. Well she is not that old, 5 years old. She is an Old English Bulldog. My old version of a dog bed consisted of buying a blanket and pillows to make a bed for her. After replacing pillow after pillow after pillow, because she would chew it all up to where there was stuffing all over the floor, I decided to buy a dog bed and cot.

I was searching around on the web and found a dog bed with a removable cover that can be washed. This is a dog bed that can’t be easily destroyed.

Well here she is with her blanket!

Truper's Dog Bed

Truper’s Dog Bed

I am happy to know that as she gets older, I can make her and her joints as comfortable as possible. Dog beds are great if you have a pet with arthritis and keeps your pet elevated if there is a draft on your floor.

The Dog Cot

Now I got this cot for her because it looked interesting and fun, as if she would be jumping up and down on it.

I thought that while I am sitting outside on the balcony in the summertime, Truper can lay outside and enjoy the weather too. Since her brother passed away, I have a different shadow following me around.

This dog cot was extremely easy to assemble and has a mesh center for air to flow underneath to help keep her cool. If you are big on overnight, outdoor activities this is the perfect cot. It is elevated off the ground to provide comfort for your K9.

Now, since I purchased the cot my biggest problem is getting her on it! In the picture below, I did have to coax her to get on it with a treat. When the treat was gone she jumped off.

Truper's Dog Cot

Truper’s Dog Cot

I guess I will have to wait for the summertime!

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