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Tone Up With This Piece Of Equipment In Your Home Gym
You can sculp sexy, toned arms at home by using this piece of inexpensive home gym equipment: a Walker.

Walker For Dips Toning Triceps

Walker For Dips Toning Triceps

It is lightweight and will fold up, if you are limited on space, to be stored in a closet or under your bed. Where can you buy this piece of equipment? If you love garage sales, you might be able to find a walker for a couple of dollars. That is were I found mine. Or, you can try a medical resale store. A friend of mine was able to purchase a walker for less than $15.00 dollars. Medical walkers retail for about $40.00+. A friendly tip… stay away from the walkers with wheels or you might be using it to walk if the walker gets away from you!

To tone your arms, you will need to use your own body weight to balance on with your knees bent so that you are able to push yourself up and down. This exercise is called a Dip. The primary muscle groups that are activated by this exercise are: Triceps and Chest. The secondary or assisted muscles this exercise will activate are: Shoulders and Back. An image of the muscle groups being worked by performing the tricep dip has been provided to show you what you are toning.

Tone Flabby Arms With A Walker Performing Tricep Dips

Tone Flabby Arms With A Walker Performing Tricep Dips

If you are going to jump right in and give this a try warm-up first. Begin by standing in the center of the walker. Grab onto the handle and stand straight up, tall with your arms locked out and hold for 5 seconds. Next, descend straight down while bending your knees until you feel the stretch in your shoulders and hold in that position for 5 seconds. Try to keep your elbows close to the body as you descend. Perform this warm-up routine for about 30 seconds or so, constantly moving up and down. If you are already working out and want to insert this into your routine no warm up is required.

Let me first say that if you have a weak upper body, you will not be able to perform the tricep dip in a full dip form and that is ok. I have been exercising for about 15+ years, which is why I am able to do this and very quickly. Your triceps will strengthen with every attempt and before you know it you will be performing the dip perfectly. So even if you do not see improvement, you will certainly feel and see your performance get better. The idea is to keep working at it until you can achieve a full tricep dip. So the next time you are sitting around watching television pull this out and attempt the movement for at least 10 minutes. You can afford to spend that amount of time to achieve toned arms. Below is my demonstration of this dip.

To have toned triceps, I would recommend that you add them into your workout routine at least three times per week, every other day. Below are different ways to add them into your routine as an individual workout or with multiple workouts.

1. You can add them into your upper body workout and perform 3 to 4 sets of 12 – 15 repetitions.

2. You can perform the dips as an AMRAP (As many reps as possible) within a certain amount of time.

3. You can perform within an interval training routine.

4. Perform every minute on the minute (EMOM) and start with 5 reps every minute. Increase the repetition to 10 when 5 becomes too easy or you can get through it quickly. Something really fun to try is to add bicep curls by altering minutes. For example, on the even minutes perform the dip. On the odd minutes perform a bicep curls to work the front and back of the muscle.

5. You can perform as a Tabata. Tabata training typically requires you to complete 8 rounds of a particular exercise. You will work hard for 20 seconds and rest for 10. This continues until all eight rounds are completed. Feel free to adjust the time to something that will accommodate you, such as 30:15 or 60:30. Try out a few different versions. Keep track of how many repetitions you are able to complete during the ‘work’ time. You will be able to measure your progress each time you perform this exercise.

More Tricep Workouts
Provided below are some workouts that you can try out using your own body weight. No equipment required, which is the best type of home gym equipment. I would not suggest doing all of these back to back. They are offered as alternative workouts to performing the tricep dip on the walker if you get bored.

Triangle Push-ups
This tricep push-up is performed while sitting on your heels, knees on the ground, place your hands in front of you on the floor and put your thumbs and fore fingers together and form a triangle. Extend your feet back and position your chest over the triangle. Using your own weight begin to perform push ups. I have provided a video for those of you who prefer to see a video.

Modified Push-ups
You can still build great triceps by using a modified push-up if you are unable to lift your own body weight. Vision the traditional push up. What you are going to do is place your knees on the ground, place your hands facing forward under your shoulders and begin to perform the push-up. Keep your elbows close to your side for this to be effective. See an example of the push-up below.

Hand Release Push-up
Hand Release Push-up is another great exercise to achieve toned arms. Once again, you are utilizing your own body weight for this movement. Similar to the modified push-up, it can be performed with your knees on the ground or extended behind you. Perform the push-up. As you hit the ground, release your hands and place them back on the ground and push yourself back up. Again, I have provided a video below for you to visualize the movement. Remember, keep your elbows close to the body.

Tricep Bench Dip
Tricep Bench Dip exercise can be performed with equipment you already have in your home gym. You can use the front of your couch as the bench, or at least the base, underneath the seat pillows. Or, if you have another piece of sturdy furniture you can use that as well. All you need is enough room to place your palms on with your finger pointing down behind you with enough room to push yourself up and bring yourself back down. Watch this great video that will take you from beginners to advanced routines.

Always remember to hydrate yourself with water when you perform any type of workout. I find that when I am well hydrated and stretch before and after working out, I am less likely to be sore the next day.

Now this is just part of the equation to achieving sculpted triceps. You need to evaluate what you eat. Eating clean is the best way to help gain toned arms. For those of you who are following me, you know that I practice a Paleo lifestyle. In a nutshell, you eat grass fed meats, organic vegetables, while eliminating processed foods. It works for me. I would suggest testing out various programs to see how well they fit into your lifestyle and stick with it.

I hope you have found this helpful. These are all things I have performed at one time or another with success. Let me know if there are things that you perform in your home gym to tone your arms.

Now get moving!

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