Deadlift. Why You Should Do It?

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Deadlifts added into any workout routine will assist in the development of several muscle groups. Specifically, you will improve your grip, strengthen the abs, shoulder, the entire back, buttock, and the list just keeps going. Good for any age group.

If you are unfamiliar with this move, start by using a barbell without weights. Try to train for two days per week depending on your workout schedule. Move weights up as the current weight becomes too easy.


Variation is also important to training. Work on developing:

  • 1 rep max
  • 3 rep max
  • 5 rep max
  • 3 or 4 sets of 10, 12, 14 reps

Mix it up each time you perform the deadlift.

Form is the most important part of the movement. Without proper form, you can certainly expect an injury.

The Position

  • Position feet shoulder width apart
  • Get a couple deep breaths in/out and tighten your core to help support your back
  • Stand straight up and lower the body straight down by bending the knees slowly
  • Keep face looking straight ahead
  • Keep your chest up, press buttocks back while you are lowering your torso
  • Your shoulders or torso should not be leaning over the bar; this will cause a back injury and it is not proper form. Shoulders are slightly over the bar.
  • Feel for the bar and draw bar to your shins
  • Place hands just outside the knees

Hand Grip Options

  • Overhand Grip – a 3rd alternative
  • Alternating Overhand/Underhand Grip – 2nd best grip for heavy or light weights
  • Overhand Hook Grip – Best grip but uncomfortable if you are not use to it

The Movement

  • Do not buckle your knees in, keep them straight ahead
  • Roll the bar up your shins
  • Press legs into the ground and drive straight up
  • When the bar is above your knees, begin to straighten your legs to continue pulling up
  • Stand straight up
  • Do not arch your back, just stand up
  • Lower the bar down by gliding it down your thigh, keep your core tight
  • When the bar passes your knees, begin to bend at the knees, chest up, until you reach the ground

Movements to Support Strong Deadlift

Exercises you can do to promote a strong deadlift are:

  • Core Exercises
  • Back Extensions
  • Leg Press
  • Leg Curls
  • Rowing

Continued practice will help build your strength. Remember to warm up before and stretch after to prevent soreness. Drink lots of water to help reduce cramping.

If you are not a big reader and prefer the visual form, check out this video.

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