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2013 LuRong Paleo Challenge

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In less than 1 week the challenge begins, September 16th is the date. I am getting very excited to begin and will be the head cheerleader at our box for anyone who needs the support. This challenge is for 8 weeks and I know I can clean up my eating even more to get to my fit self.

How will I prepare? I will prepare by making a plan. A plan that will have food and snacks prepared well in advanced to grab when I am feeling hungry. What if I am invited to an event, bar, dinner, etc.? Eating before going out always helps. When in doubt, look for salads or non fried meats with vegetables and remember portion size. Drinks? Yes, luckily for this challenge you can have one 6oz glass of red wine and that’s it! Drink slow and alternate with a gulp of water. I am ready for this!

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