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Cauliflower Flax Bread and Pizza Crust

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Hello! I am back from the dead. If you have been following my posts, the LuRong Paleo Challenge ended about a month ago. I am still dealing with the shoulder/neck issue. I had decided to take the rest of November off from the box to see if the issue would heal on its own, but it did not. I have an appointment with a specialist on Monday to hopefully get some resolution. The only thing I have been able to work on are my legs and core.

Now on to some good stuff, Cauliflower. I recall sometime ago, a long time ago reading an article that said eat vegetables with color because they contain more nutritional value. Hence, I have always stayed away from cauliflower and I figured the taste would be bland. Well that was completely incorrect. If you are not aware of the benefits eating Cauliflower has on the body check out The World’s Healthiest Foods. What I have come to love about Cauliflower is that it is filling with minimal calories! Read the rest of this entry »

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