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Week 7 Food Diary – LuRong Paleo Challenge

My weekly food diary was once again quick and simple meals.

For breakfast, I had a fried egg, a piece of bacon, a 1/4 slice of avocado and a 1/2 an apple.

I decided to expand on the healthy wraps of last week to try the roast beef wrap from Paleo Lunches On The Go.  This really is a great book to find new ways to prepare Paleo lunches.

Roast Beef Wrap

Roast Beef Wrap


I am still enjoying the Asian flavor, so I prepared a healthy Chicken Asian lettuce wraps.  This recipe is from Paleo Effect .

Asian Chicken Wrap

Asian Chicken Wrap

Cooking Paleo is so much fun.  I do not feel as though I am missing anything from my former eating style.



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