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How To Select The Right Food For Your Dog

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Selecting the right dog food is such a difficult, overwhelming task when there are so many dog food brands to choose from for wet and dry. Just before I purchased my dogs, five years ago, I did some research on the various brands of dog food because I knew I wanted to feed my pups the best that I could afford. One think I learned very quickly is that most dog foods are heavy on fillers and weak on meats. I should also say that I found this to be the case in most mass production dog foods. Typically, the more fillers in the dog food the more food you have to give your dog. Low quality can also be seen in the dogs waste, which tends to be darker and rock hard.

Dog food ingredients that are higher quality, high percentage of meats and less fillers tend to be the best for your pet. You also feed them less food. Unfortunately, they also tend to be the most expensive. There is a great website that I had came across to help me select the right dog food. It is called Dog Food Advisor. The site provides a grade 1 – 5, 5 being the best on both wet and dry dog foods. I chose Horizon Pulsar for my pets and it scored 4.5. I couldn’t be more pleased.

I will share a story with you. I was watching a friends two little poodles. They were being fed a mass production brand of dog food. Now, my dog weighs about 80lbs and gets two cups a day of dog food. These two dogs together probably weigh 50lbs. or just shy of 50lbs and eat 1 1/2 cups of dry dog food each and 1/2 can of wet. That was just for breakfast. I was shocked and mentioned that to my friend. It just doesn’t pay to feed your pet low quality food.

Take a look at the website and find your dog food. How does it rate?

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