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Home Gym Equipment – Kettlebells

Kettlebells are a great addition to your home gym. There are so many things you can do with just one Kettlebell. You certainly do not need to buy a whole set unless you can master the bell that you have. I would recommend starting with two different weights. A challenging weight for Turkish Get-Ups, which are great for working your core and balance. A heavier challenging weight for all other exercises. You can really get a great overall body workout with this equipment. I have provided you with a couple of videos you can use to start your workout.

This is an example of a Turkish Get-Up

Here are great full body exercises.

I have an app that I use on my iphone that provides 4 different types of timers. It is called Pocket WOD. You can use the stopwatch timer to perform certain exercises for a number of minutes. You can use the AMRAP timer to do 20 second drills with a 10 minute rest. AMRAPs (As Many Reps As Possible) are generally 8 rounds of drills. You are performing the same exercise for 8 rounds and then you can pick another exercise and do the AMRAP. Each time you will want to write down what exercise you performed and how many reps you completed. This will provide you a good measurement or baseline of where you started, so that the next time you do that particular exercise you will know if you are improving. Then you have the Interval timer you can string several exercises together and use the same time as the AMRAP. Last is the Tabata timer that you can set up your own timer. It should be set 2:1, go time to rest ratio.

Now, go get a Kettlebell or two and get moving!


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Kettlebell Workout

If your gym has access to one of these fantastic weights, go for it.  Make sure you ask a professional trainer how to properly use this so you do not injure yourself.  I think these have a little more to offer, such as maintaining control of a swinging weight versus you average weight.  If your gym does not have these, a free weight will do just fine.

You would be performing similar exercises as you would using an ez bar or other bar.  Some exercise suggestions:

  • Straight Leg Deadlift, Single Leg Deadlift
  • Modified Clean and Jerk minus the Jerk
  • Swing – involves placing both hands on the handle, squat down with weight between your legs, but not touching the ground, swing up while you are standing up, ending with your arms straight out in front of chest and repeat.  I love doing this as an active rest, which is performing a low or high cardio exercise.

You can get a great overall body workout and build your Glutes!  Bodybuilding .com lists several exercises for you to try.

Get to it!

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